Woof, on the Bright Angel Trail in the Grand Canyon!

Woof, it Snowed Again, and Again





 Woof, we have been doing a lot since I last wrote. We have been in Arizona a long time now. We hiked through a forest turned into stone. At first when Matt said we were going to the petrified forest, I thought he meant it was afraid of something but he explained the other meaning of the word. I liked it when we went to a big canyon Matt said it wasn’t the Grand Canyon, but it was so pretty green on the canyon floor. Woof, I even got to sit in four states at one time. How many dogs or even humans can say that? Then we stayed at a mountain cabin and then we went to the Grand Canyon and boy was it grand. It seemed grander than the last time we were there. I know I have left some things out. I’ll just have to write more often, ruff.

Woof, I'm trying to help!
Woof, I’m trying to help!

  I really enjoyed staying at the cabin. We stayed there with Matt’s aunt Nancy and Janet. I got to lie down by the fire and it was so warm and cozy and I got to chase the big birds out of the yard. It snowed while we were there too, I have not seen this much snow in a long time. It was nice visiting with them; I like both of them so much. We left for the Grand Canyon after staying at the cabin.

  When we got to the Grand Canyon I got to ride on a big thing called a bus. Matt laughed when I called it a big truck, he explained what it was to me.. I have only seen them from the outside and wondered why they were so big. A lot of humans ride on it all at one time and it has doors that open all by themselves. The doors have windows too, I liked looking out at the road and things passing by. The bus stopped a lot of times to let humans on and off. It was nice Matt did not have to drive. Woof, woof, it snowed again when we were camping at the Grand canyon, everything was white when we woke up one morning, but it melted all away.

Snow at Mather Campground.
Snow at Mather Campground.

  While we were at the Grand Canyon we went on a hike down into it. Before we could go we had to go talk to a ranger three times. She was real nice. Matt had to explain what I did to help him on the trail. Then she had to tell all the rangers and something called a mule driver we would be on the trail. I really appreciate all the help we had from the Ranger Casey.  We got to the trail and walked down, and down, and down. There were a lot of humans on the trail. A lot of them said hello and some wanted to pet me but Matt had to tell them I was working.    On our way back up we had to step to the side of the trail because some horses were coming towards us. Well I thought they were horses but Matt said they were mules, so I guess the humans riding them were the mule drivers, woof!

Woof, on the Bright Angel Trail in the Grand Canyon!
Woof, on the Bright Angel Trail in the Grand Canyon!

Well I had better start on my next blog because I left a lot out of this one!


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  1. I’m glad to see you having a wonderful adventure Thanks for the post!
    Take care and post again
    Your friend
    Alice Ann

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