My Grand Canyon photograph!

Our First Day at the Grand Canyon


For those that have just joined us on Jackson’s blog I am adding this note. We are on a month-long road trip visiting the desert canyons in the American west. I enjoy traveling, but I always regret my best buddy can’t go on a lot of my adventures. This is one of two we have planned this year centered around Jackson joining in on the grand adventure. Jackson is going to be doing all of the blog posts. We will be posting our photographs on our Facebook pages (and a few here also!)
– Matt

Cool Photo Dog Jackson
Cool Photo Dog Jackson

Woof!What a day we had, we got up early at our camp at Pine Flats in Sedona packed up without my human eating breakfast and left. At least he did make sure I had my breakfast. We got in the truck so we could get to our next stop early, my human said if we didn’t get there in the morning we might not get a campsite and later I saw he was right, the campground filled up with humans and dogs. Matt said it was time to start the canyon adventures of our trip so we went to the Grand Canyon first and grand and big it is. It scared me when I got close to the edge it looked like the bottom was far, far away and it was windy too, ruff! My human said we walked some of the south rim trail, I didn’t have to wear my booties because the trail was paved and safe for me to walk on. We walked and walked and both of us took pictures.

Grand Photo Dog Jackson at the Grand Canyon.
Grand Photo Dog Jackson at the Grand Canyon.

My human said he was tired when we got back to camp because we walked seven miles. I didn’t let him know it, but I was tired too. As soon as he got the truck ready I got in and got on my bed, well I guess I should say our bed as I share it with my human. I fell asleep real fast listening to the popping and crackling of fires, the smell of food, and the hushed voices of humans talking. I think all of the dogs must have been tired too because I didn’t hear any of them, woof! I was amazed Matt was right, the campground was full and not one place was left to camp, humans drove in all night looking for sites but had to leave. Sometimes my human can be pretty smart.

Here is one of my photographs!

My Grand Canyon Photograph!
My Grand Canyon Photograph!

Today I am happy we are not driving any long distances, we are staying at least another night because there is so much to do and see. I might have to stay in the truck or kennel for on of my human’s hikes because dogs can’t go everywhere here at the Grand Canyon, ruff! I don’t understand that , why do us dogs have to deal with discrimination? Matt tried to explain, but I guess I will just have to deal with the facts. At least I am on one of his grand adventures, ruuf, ruuf, Grand, get it? It’s a little dog pun fun!

Woof, well we are off to more adventures, I’ll report when I can, see you then, woof!

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