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The Bear & the Convertible

The Bear and the convertible
By Photo Dog Jackson

Cool Photo Dog Jackson
Cool Photo Dog Jackson

Woof, woof, this isn’t a tell-all, but my human just thinks he is smarter than me. I have a different opinion on that. There is one thing, among many, that my human doesn’t know. I know a lot about my human since he was a young adult. He has had Labrador retrievers since he was young. Can you imagine living 20 years? He is 61 now. That is a long time and hard to believe, ruff!  Each one of his prior dogs have passed on these stories about him to me and if there is another in the future I will pass them and mine on to him or her. You wouldn’t believe what I could tell about him, and I think now is the time to start, woof!

I have been a little bored, woof, but I understand my human needs some rest. Since we aren’t going on adventures right now I am going to tell you about some of the funnier stories about my human’s past. This was a long, long time ago and is passed down from Doc, Matt’s first dog he had when he wasn’t a puppy any more. Doc was a dog like me; he liked the outdoors, hiking, swimming, and more. He would go camping with Matt, some trips they would walk for miles and the set up camp way out in the woods. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Well one time they were camping with another human in the mountains, that’s where the hills are real big! They had the tent set up close to the car. This was a real funny looking car, the top came off, isn’t that neat? They had been driving on a road in the mountains I have been on called the parkway or something like that. The story is Doc said it was fun riding in the little car because sometimes it had no roof. Woof, no roof, what fun!

Doc swimming with a stick.
Doc swimming with a stick.

Well after dinner at the campground they packed everything up and put it in the trunk. Maverick who told me this story passed down from Doc that he though Matt was crazy when he called the trunk of the car a boot. I think so too. From what I understand a boot is something a human wears because they have tender paws and can’t walk around with bare paws like us! Well back to the story because I keep getting distracted and side tracked. The reason Matt put the food in the trunk was to keep some animals called bears from stealing the food. From what I can understand they look like big dogs with no tails, woof! All of them went to bed that night and when they got up the next morning it was foggy. You wouldn’t believe what he saw when he looked at the convertible that foggy morning. Doc could have told him what would happen. He could smell the food from where he was sitting and from what I understand it smelled pretty good. The top of the car looked strange and there was a bear right next to the car. They all made some noise and the bear ran off. After inspecting the car there were problems. The top was ripped and bent and the seats were torn by the bear’s claws. Well to make this story a bit shorter and before I ramble on another subject a report was made with one of the uniformed men at the campground and they packed up and went home. The funny thing was the next day when Matt contacted a placed called insurance. He called and when he told the human on the phone Doc said all he heard was laughing. Matt told his friend that when with him the human said please pardon him and told all the other humans and all they could do was laugh!

My human didn’t think it was funny then, but now he does, woof!

Matt's Triumph in the snow.
Matt’s Triumph in the snow.PS 

PS I heard Matt’s car has been restored by a father and son, I would like to get a picture of me and that car, woof!