2021 Wall Calendars


This is the 2021 Scenic Calendar proof

*New format* Folded the calendar is 12 x 12 inches. When hung on a wall it is 12 by 24 inches. Bigger spaces to write information on each date

2021 Full Proof 3


Jackson’s Memorial Calendar 2021

 This is the same size as last year 8 1/2 x 11 inches folded and 11 x 17 inches when hung on the wall.

Jax 2021 Proof 2

Get in on the 2021 Calendar Pre-order on our three calendars!

Our 2020 calendar pre-order is just starting. This is my 8th year of producing calendars (I miscounted last year.) Also I have been doing the Jackson calendar for six years plus I added the planner/engagement three years ago. I want to thank everyone for their support in these past projects.

* 6×9 inch weekly planner engagement calendar with more than 55 photographs. Your weeks is laid out for you to make notes, appointments, or anything you like.
* Our scenic calendar is a format 12×12 inch folded or 12×24 inches on the wall format. The calendar is clearer and more of an art calendar than before. The grid is open so you can write important information without clutter (we do try to listen to our customers.)
* Jackson’s calendar is in the traditional format of 8.5×11” (11×17” on the wall) I have used in the past and of course his has all the fun holidays.

We take cash, check, or payment by credit/debit card via a secure link through my PayPal account. The invoice and secure link will come by email so be sure to give me your address (and shipping address.) The price you ask?

Weekly Planner:
Only 23.00 in advance $25.00 after the pre-sale, $3.25 for shipping.

Scenic Wall Calendar:
Only 21.00 in advance $23.00 after the pre-sale, $2.85 for shipping.

Jackson’s Adventure Calendar:
Only $18.00 in advance, or $20.00 after the pre-sale, $2.85 for shipping.

The calendars will be mailed at the end of September and I’ll have a link uploaded soon to view both entire calendars.

To pay using credit/debit card I will need your email address, please sent it to:

To pay by check send payment to:
*Our Eugene, Oregon Address*
Matthew H Irvin
PO Box 24354
Eugene, OR 97402

Matthew Irvin & Photo Dog Jackson – Photographers and writers