I love playing in the snow, double WOOF!

Woof, It Snowed!



We stayed in a big city for a long time. It got so hot there we only went out early or late then came back to a house when it got too warm. One place we went to was a place where humans lived a long time ago, only a little of the walls and holes in the ground were left. We hiked in green deserts with plants everywhere. A lot of them had stickers on them so I had to be careful. Then we hiked in a desert where flowers were everywhere, I could smell them all over. One place we drove on a real windy road, up and up we went where we could see the sunset and the city light up all over. One of my boots got a hole in it so we went to the place we got my last set. No more little rocks and stuff in my boots and he fixed my old ones so I have two sets of boots now, woof!

We stayed at Matt’s cousin house. Everyone there was very nice. I met a little human named Abby. She hugged me and gave me kisses. She would throw my ball and give me treats. I tried my best not to play with Abby’s toys, but she has some nice balls and a little doll that were too much to resist. My human told me I could not play with them, I tried my best not to and every time I sneaked over to get one of hrs toys Matt caught me, ruff! The only thing I did not like when we were staying there is I had to stay behind two days in a row and that made me a little upset. The second day I howled a little for him, even though his cousins at the house tried to make me feel better.

Us relaxing after a hike.
Us relaxing after a hike.

After the stay in the big city we left to go camping again first we went to a place called Dead Horse. I was afraid we would find dead horses but my human said the name came from a long time ago. Then we went to a town that was on the side of a mountain. My human said there were mines there. I asked him did he say it was mine, but he laughed and said mines were where humans went down inside the ground and brought things back up. That is taking hole digging much further than any dog I know. Usually we bury things, bones and stuff, not find things! Next we went to a different less crowded campground. I liked it there.

Our campfire, but I got in the truck because it is softer.
Our campfire, but I got in the truck because it is softer.

Oh woof! Talking about big holes, we went to a place that was a big water hole where humans lived a long time ago. Matt said it was a well, but it did not look like a well to me, it looked like a big swimming place to me. We went on a nice hike the next day and came back to rest at the camp. We had a nice fire and then it started to thunder after it was dark. Later that night it started snowing and we woke up to a white campground, it was fun playing in the snow, woof, woof! We packed up and drove to another town called Flag something where we stayed until it stopped snowing.

The snowy morning, woof!
The snowy morning, woof!
I love playing in the snow, double WOOF!
I love playing in the snow, double WOOF!

Now we are getting ready to go again, I cannot wait to see where we are going!





*Note from Matt*
Places we were visiting/staying in this report:
Dead Horse Ranch State Park
Montezuma’s Well
The Devil’s Bridge – Sedona
Oak Creek Canyon
Pine Flats Campground

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  1. Hey Jackson! You just passed us on the road. It sounds like we’re taking similar paths on our Roadtrip.
    We even brought our own furry friend to keep us company.
    Check us out at GoJeeply.wordpress.com
    We’re on instagram and you tube as well.
    Happy travels and we’ll keep an eye out for you down the road

  2. Thanks for sharing Jackson!! You are the most adventurous furry human I know!!! Look forward to your next blog!!!

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