On the road to the cliff dwellings.

Here We Go Again!


Woof, woof, my human has been lazy about writing. He kept telling me he wanted to do a post and I have been busy training. I am going to do a quick post before we leave today.

We left two days ago to go on our biggest adventure ever. My human told me we will be gone for months living out of the truck and staying with some of his family and friends. Woof, I have even met some of them so they are my friends too. 

Matt has been busy getting the truck ready for the trip. Here are the photos of the new curtains and storage:

The footlocker on the new stand.
The footlocker on the new stand.
The back curtain.
The back curtain.
The side curtain.
The side curtain.
The curtain stowed from the back of the camper.
The curtain stowed.




































I  will be writing about my training as a service dog in my next post. Woof, that was a lot of work.

Bye for now!


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