Me at Peggys!

The Cape!


Woof, woof! What a great time we have had so far. We have been in Canada four days now and have been to so many places. After camping near the place where the water runs backwards and has big whirlpools we finally made it to the Scooty place. My human calls it Nova Scotia, I think that sounds funny and guess what? We have been traveling by Funny Bay and it is funny! The water gets real high and real low. My human would not let me swim there because he said a thing called tide (is that not a detergent?) comes in and out so fast I would be taken away by it. I would not like to lose my human so I decided he was right so I just looked at the water. It was not clear most of the time. It was so red that even I could see the color! Woof! We were at Funny Bay for two days camping by the water, it was very pretty there.  We went by a lighthouse at a place called burnt coat. I kept looking for that coat to see if it was burnt, ruff, but I did not see one!

Yum, yum, ice cream!
Yum, yum, ice cream!

Then it started raining so we went to a big city, but it was so busy and crowded we left there and found a neat place close to a famous lighthouse named Peggy Cove. She must have been special to have a cove and a lighthouse named after her., ruff. Woof, woof, I did get an ice cream cone when we were driving there that day and it was good, they even put a doggy treat on top!

Me at Peggys!
Me at Peggys!

It cleared off that night and we got up early the next morning so my human and I could take pictures. He said there would be a lot of people there and the best time would be very early in the morning. Besides, having been an art director for my human I know morning light makes good photographs. We spent a lot of time photographing the lighthouse, the village where the humans live there, and along the rocky coast. It was very pretty.  After taking the photos we packed up and went to a place called Picktoo or something like that. I really liked the campsite we got in the park near the Picky place it is called Cariboo something, boo who? After we set up camp we went into town to see the boats and village. I liked it; there were friendly people and not at all busy like that big Halley city. Now we are at some place that has a cape, I have been busy looking for and when I find it, I will let you know.

Me at the Boo place!
Me at the Boo place!

Woof, that is all for now, I think Matt has something to say so here he is!





Matt here I think need to decode a few names here for everyone. Jackson has a hard enough time with our local place names, but when we headed north he just doesn’t quite understand them. Here are a few interpretations:

Funny Bay – Bay of Fundy

Picktoo – Pictou

Halley City – Halifax

Burnt coat – Burntcoat Head lighthouse

Cariboo – Caribou Provincial Park

3 thoughts on “The Cape!”

  1. How wonderful for the two of you. What a great adventure and you are letting us travel with you.
    Enjoy , take plenty of pictures and be safe.
    by the way, I’m called
    ramblinjodie, when CB’s were popular, that was my handle and I still go by it- we aren’t able to travel anymore but I still take dirt roads and ramble around one day a week. think it is in my system

  2. So enjoy the way you and Jackson portray your trip. Look forward to coming home from work to see today’s adventure. Thank you both for brightening my day.

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